SIGG Swiss Cross Touch Bottle

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Drink up in style with this fabulous Designer Label Eco Friendly water bottle. All A list celebrities across the world including Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, Brad Pitt choose to carry this iconic label. Are you one of them?


Capacity: 750ml

Plastic bottles are made from harmful chemicals like PVC, Polystyrene, and Polycarbonate that can leach into the fluid in them, travel into your body and possibly cause illness. We recommend use of BPA Free Bottles.

About SIGG
SIGG Switzerland AG is a 108 years old renowned company specializes in reusable aluminum water bottles. These Original Swiss Bottles are produced in their own manufacturing plant in Switzerland. All SIGG bottles are 100% recyclable and contribute significantly to reducing the global carbon footprint.

How its better?

SIGG is different from other conventional water bottles because it’s is a seamless aluminum bottle with eco-liner. Which keep its content fresh for longer duration in comparison to other bottle. SIGG comes with patented cap which keeps everything inside in its original state like even aerated drinks can be carried without losing the fizz.

All ingredients inside these bottles are free of any volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), phthalates, BADGE, BFDGE, and NOGE. In particular, all ingredients are free* of BPA.

Environment Facts

Plastic bottles take 700 years to begin composting. When it doesn’t end up in our landfills, most plastic eventually makes its way to our oceans, where each year millions of fish, birds, and other animals die from plastic because they eat it or they get caught in it. 

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