One Man Soap

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100% Vegan Organic Soap

Net Weight : 150gm


Objective: Live clean, mostly. Scrub clean, always.  Strategy: A great soap - filled with good stuff that will prepare your skin for shaving and keeping your body clean, essential oils & french green clay to soothe & heal, aloe vera & glycerin to moisturize, seaweed to exfoliate. Seaweed bath are nature’s perfect body balancer, and they’re an excellent way to take in iodine therapy. Seaweed purify and balance the ocean; they can do the same for your body. Method of Use:  Lather up, apply everywhere.  Suitable for all skin types as a body, hair & shaving soap.

Key Ingredients. Each with their properties:

Orange essential oil has antiseptic & anti-inflammatory benefits that help in acne & other skin problems. 

Orange juice contains vitamin A, B, C, D which stimulates the cellular metabolism & renovates the skin. The orange juice tightens up the enlarged and clogged pores, protects it from wrinkles & fine lines. Orange peel provides the fruity aroma while exfoliating.  

Benzoin essential oil has a strong aroma that depresses body odor & its anti microbial actions kills the body odor causing germs.

The menthol in peppermint oil cools tired skin, brightens dull skin & helps to control excess oil production which prevents acne & body odor.  

French Green Clay absorbs impurities & clears pores of residues & excess oil, leaving your skin super clean, revitalized & smooth. French Green Clay has up to 19 essential minerals that is believed to help prevent the appearance of premature aging. 

Due to its ability to stimulate healthy cell growth & repair damaged tissues, Aloevera soothes troubled skin & is super great for all sorts of skin trouble.  
Seaweed contains antioxidants & beta-carotene1.Restores moisture levels2.Revitalizes & firms tired skin3. Oxygenates & detoxifies skin 4.Reduces appearance of cellulite.

Contains :  Essential oils of orange, benzoin, peppermint, aloevera juice, fresh orange juice, crushed seaweed, french green clay, Vitamin E, glycerin, aqua, olive, ricebran, coconut, castor & palm oil

For Skin Type: All Skin

Skin Concerns which the product Takes Care of:

Our soap is made from natural herbs, essential oils & vegetable oils. Glycerin, which is produced naturally during the soap making process moisturises the skin. These natural ingredients make our soap bubbly, creamy & soft.

How to Use:

Our soap comes in large bar sizes; you should cut how much you need and store the unused soap in a cool dry place. This way you can make your , soap last for a long time. Keep the soap in a soap dish, so that water drains away & the soap is dry when not in use. Does not contain artificial hardeners & preservatives. Store in a cool dry place for longer shelf life.

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