Mygreenkart Green Standard




Green Standard has been developed by to help you understand the basis on which products are considered green. We use an assessment framework that covers the entire lifecycle of a product. Our goal is to create an easy to use and consistent approach to why, and to what extent the products we sell are 'Green' and 'Eco-Friendly'. 



 Each product sold by is reviewed and rated under three main parameters

Source of Material: Studies the base material of products to define whether it is eco-friendly.

  • Natural: Derived from Nature made substances
  • Toxic Content
  • Organic: Is the source of material certified organic?
  • Recycled        


Manufacturing Process & Company: What is the impact on the environment while manufacturing this product and making it available to us.

  • Energy Consumption: Is its manufacturing process highly energy intensive?
  • Air/Water Pollution: Does the product manufacture cause Air/Water Pollution?
  • Social Impact: Is the manufacture of product helping society in any way?


Usage: How does the usage impact resource consumption?

  • Does the usage reduce energy consumption: Eg Solar products reduce electricity usage
  • Does the usage reduce plastic consumption: eg Cloth bags reduce use of Plastic Bags


A higher rating signifies a positive impact on the environment. Goes without saying, if a product is displayed on it is fundamentally better for the environment than the traditional one.


We believe that the environmental impact of your purchase decision should play an important role as to which product you choose to purchase. Let’s use our purchasing power to create a sustainable planet.


We certainly welcome questions and comments.  Please feel free to send those to